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Records Imaging Service
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Records Imaging Service 
Provider of Document Management Software Solutions 

Cleveland, Oh?John Humbach has been named one of the top value-added resellers (VARs) in the document management industry for 2006. A member of the Cleveland business community for more than twenty years, Records Imaging Service specializes in implementing software solutions that help organizations operate more efficiently by automating the way paperwork is processed and stored.

Records Imaging Service earned the distinction as a top document management VAR from Laserfiche. Based in Long Beach, Calif., Laserfiche is recognized as a leader in creating simple and elegant document management solutions that help organizations maximize efficiency and conserve resources. More than 21,000 government organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, financial institutions and private businesses around the world use Laserfiche to manage their paper and electronic documents. 

?From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority,? said John Humbach, President of Records Imaging Service. ?We?re delighted that our hard work in Ohio and dedication to our clients is being recognized.? 

?Laserfiche is proud to have dedicated resellers like Records Imaging Service on our team,? said Chris Wacker, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Laserfiche. ?Thanks to Records Imaging Service consistent high performance and focus on customer service, we will only move on to the next level of achievement and continue to thrive.? 

Records Imaging Service has been a Laserfiche VAR since 1989. In order to qualify as a top document management VAR, Records Imaging Service had to demonstrate superior business and customer relations practices and continued growth and success as a VAR. This is the third year Records Imaging Service has earned the distinction from Laserfiche. 

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Records Imaging Service 

LaserFiche easily wins "race" for Cincinnati schools project 

*THE SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF CINCINNATI, OH, Public Schools is in a race against time to digitize the files of 5,000 students in the program prior to the upcoming retirement of the head of the department.

"She had promised to get the staff out of the business of working with paper files and it was coming down to the last few months," reports John Humbach, Sr., of Cleveland-based LaserFiche VAR, Records Imaging Service. "The paper files were literally pushing staff out of their offices. In addition, they where wearing themselves out keeping up with requests for information from authorized personnel.
"We were contacted right after the first of the year and went down to make our presentation the next day. They were looking at other document imaging companies but none of them was able to show that they could get the system up and running soon enough to meet their deadline.

"All of the senior officials in the department were present for the demo, which went on for two and a half hours, including questions. We kept stressing that LaserFiche is simple to install, easy to teach and easy to use and we were able to show what we meant with live demonstrations. We guaranteed that we could meet their schedule.

"LaserFiche must have really impressed them because the leader of the group said straight out at the end, 'We're buying it.' There was a little delay while they pulled together the purchase order but we're now set to do the installation and training next week. If they perform on the scanning end, they'll still make their deadline."

The department plans to make some files available to teachers in the city's 80 public schools over its password protected intranet system.

LaserFiche Plus "WOWS" Franklin County, OH, engineering department

was at its wits end over how to deal with its burgeoning store of plat maps. They were running out of room. They were having a hard time finding what they needed. Worst of all, the maps were deteriorating because of constant handling, especially when outside engineers would go through them to find and copy maps needed for construction projects.

"We were brought in by a consulting firm that was advising the IT Department on hardware and overall technologic direction for county government," reports John Humbach of Cleveland, OH-based LaserFiche VAR, Records Imaging Service. "They had already narrowed their choices to LaserFiche and one other document imaging company.

"We made a good impression on the IT manager at our first demo but our stock really soared when they brought us back to meet with the engineers themselves. They gave us a CD loaded with images of plat maps that had no indexing whatsoever.

"In the space of a couple of minutes, we showed them how to import the images into LaserFiche, create a simple template, and start retrieving.

"They loved the idea of being able to burn copies of maps to CD with LaserFiche Plus. And they were wowed by LaserFiche's ability to zone in on one part of a map and make a copy of just that portion.

"We were told later that our presentation knocked out the competition on the spot."
Franklin County includes Columbus, the state capital and home to the enormous Ohio State University, and is one of the fastest growing areas of the state. Scanning the Engineering Department's entire backlog of plat maps into LaserFiche is a major priority as soon as the system is up and running.


The Columbus, Oh, Metropolitan Library (CML) has grown to include the main library in the center of the city, an Outreach Services Division, 19 branches and a joint operation of a major regional library with another city. Until recently, the paper files being accumulated to manage all this seemed to be growing out of control.

"They were literally being pushed out of their own space by filing cabinets," says John Humbach, Sr., of Cleveland, OH-based LaserFiche VAR, Records Imaging Service. "Their only way out was to get rid of the paper inside the cabinets."

After a vigorous review process, CML chose Records Imaging Service and LaserFiche to help them with this huge task. Humbach completed the installation in July. Since then, CML staff have scanned an estimated 170,000 pages of paper files into LaserFiche, a feat which has enabled them to eliminate 12 filing cabinets and reclaim the space they occupied.

"There are many more filing cabinets, and our goal is to get rid of them all in the next couple of years," says CML's Finance Director, Carlos Taylor. "In addition, we're beginning to use LaserFiche for retrieval as well as to get the paper out of the way. It's working very well, and we're already planning to add other departments to the system."

By the way: Columbus is both the state capital and the home base of sprawling Ohio State University. The CML system is recognized as one of the best and most-used in the nation. In a typical year, its customers will borrow more than 12 million items and ask at least 1.3 million reference questions. CML has been cited as the best library in its population category and is known as Central Ohio's Center for Lifelong Learning.


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