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The Digital Archival Experts

At RIS, we understand the sensitive and important nature of your documents. Our experienced personnel will handle your records with the utmost care, ensuring confidentially during every step of the process. And we're capable of setting up any security requirements our customers may require.

Utilizing advanced technology, RIS ensures the integrity of your original documents. Once scanned and indexed, the digital record cannot be altered in any way. Delivering state-of-the-art performance in a user-friendly format is what RIS is all about. Knowledgeable system technicians, software experts, and friendly customer service representatives complete the RIS package - the best document conversion team in the business. Let us show you how efficient your business can be by calling Records Imaging Service.

If the back rooms of your offices are filled with boxes upon boxes of paperwork, you're not alone. Most companies store hundreds, even thousands of back files in this old-fashioned way, using up costly office space for documents rarely needed and making access to necessary documents difficult and time consuming.

Records Imaging Service can change all that. We'll convert your paper files to digital form, replacing dozens of bulky boxes with a single CD-ROM, or store the files on a local computer or across a LAN/WAN. By freeing up valuable space and putting document access at your fingertips, RIS helps lower your costs while raising your efficiency.

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